About us

There's a reason we use "integrity" in our name. Our company is based on the belief that personal values and character should not be sacrificed in the marketplace. We believe that success is defined as the ability to look yourself in the mirror and know that you have treated others fairly, professionally and with the highest regard...that you have given more than what you received.  In the Logistics realm, it means that we consistently deliver the highest quality services no matter what department of the company you may be dealing with. Our customers come from a broad cross-section of industries, yet all appreciate the expert care they receive from us.



Integrity Logistic Solution (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an independent business unit. The Company’s mission is to become one of the largest Integrated Service Provider through Backward Integration of Logistics across the North-West & Southern Region.

From supply chain management, project coordination and cargo planning to insurance procurement and on-site staff – ILSPL has been promoted to provide world-class, hand-crafted logistics services to all its customers. The company strategizes to consolidate its excellent customer and client service by delivering Quality Performance, Time bound commitments and competitive pricing structure through a team of professionals. Integrity Logistic Solution (I) Pvt. Ltd. plans to acquire the best service deliverables & SMART Goals for the tasks assigned.

Competency & Capable

The average employee at Integrity Logistics has over 10 years of progressive industry experience. The range of experience includes everything from being the Manager for one of the top 5 clearing agents in the clearance industry, to Logistics head of a top logistics company and Managers of Air & Sea Freight business who have given new dimensions to the company. In short, our people bring a wealth and variety of experience that many companies cannot match. This "hands on" experience translates to competency and capability in managing the daily demands of the Logistics industry. Experience that does not panic when things don't go as planned. Experience that finds creative solutions to the most perplexing situations.

Concerned and Caring

When was the last time you felt like you were dealing with someone that was not only competent and capable, but also truly cared about what was important to you? At Integrity Logistics, our customers are more than simply businesses that we exchange services and dollars with. You're under a lot of pressure to make sure your Logistics partners perform at and above expectations for your needs. Your career, your company and your customers must all be served well in order for a transaction to be considered a success. We're concerned about the same things.